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Communicate with all your students in class, in real time

The Problems


Students have questions, but don’t want to ask them in front of the entire class.


Professors can’t gauge all students’ understanding; they only hear from some students.

Students can ask questions anonymously.

Most students have questions, but only a few feel comfortable asking them in front of the entire class.

Instead of leaving most of the class’ questions unanswered, students can ask questions anonymously in real time from their own device.

Students can answer questions anonymously so teachers can gauge understanding.

Asking just a couple questions gives you a much better idea of what your students do understand and where they need more help.

You can allow your students to answer these questions completely anonymously, so they feel fully comfortable answering to the best of their abilities.

Hey! I’m Ben. I built Bagel Institute with my dad, a math professor at Tufts, because he wanted a tool like this.

So far, it’s a been a big hit! Students love being able to ask and answer questions anonymously, and the communication with the professor that it affords.

If you want any help setting Bagel Institute up for your classes, I’d love to help! Send me an email: [email protected].

But I built this specifically so it wouldn’t be another overwhelming burden for my dad or you. So feel free to give it a spin yourself:

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